John Oliver Probes Most Incredible Details Of Mueller Report Savages Dishonest Hack Bill Barr

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The report had not yet been released when William Barr took the Justice Department podium to face questions about the now concluded probe. It seems puzzling for someone with a long career at the department a former federal prosecutor in Maryland who served under Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. A Justice Department official familiar with Barrs thinking said Barr simply wanted to confront head on questions that he knew were lingering including about the redaction process and interactions about the report between the Justice Department and the White House. Timothy Flanigan said the attorney generals summary of Muellers report accurately reflected his findings. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver dove directly into the headline awaited Mueller report in which the special counsel detailed Russian election meddling and Trump efforts to thwart special counsel Robert Mueller as he investigated. It is a masterpiece Oliver congratulated himself. Preparing to quit because you are being asked to do crazy shit isnt what you expect from the White House counsel. Its what you expect from Nicholas Cages personal assistant Oliver assured. Barr deliberately downplayed the contents of Muellers report in that 4 page letter to Congress that set the storyline on the report for weeks before its release

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