Lawmakers get first crack at Barr post Mueller

mueller barr


Barr may face an even more challenging hearing may come a day later when Barr testifies before a subpanel of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Mueller report isnt the only controversy Barr is likely to get asked about either. former federal prosecutor elie honig appears on cnn. First of all referring to the special counsels office writing up its own summaries of its conclusions. Bill Barr has been prejudiced about this case from the start he said. Before he became attorney general and called Muellers obstruction theory asinine. Jerrold Nadler wants to up the ante in the House Judiciary Committee and Doug Collins wants to call his bluff. The ranking Republican shot back at the chair after Nadlers attack on Attorney General William Barr and claims of a cover up. If Nadlers so darned determined to get to the bottom of what Robert Mueller found as will the DoJ. If he really thinks that Barr has covered up and mischaracterized Muellers findings why not ask Mueller himself?

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