Live House Holds Mueller Hearing As Ag William Barr Skips Appearance

mueller barr


In a call the next day Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said in a statement. Legal analysts were stunned that Mueller put his concerns about Barrs assessment down in writing. We are conditioned not to go to paper told Politico. I think I only went to paper a handful of times in 20 years at the Justice Department. Former Justice Department inspector general Michael Bromwich called the letter an extraordinary move for Mueller who doesnt do things like this. attorney general william barr told the house judiciary committee that he wont show up for a scheduled hearing thursday about special counsel robert muellers russia investigation. Nadler added that he may issue a subpoena for the attorney general to show up if he doesnt relent. Nadler said the Justice Department is refusing to hand over the full report and the panel may issue a contempt citation. In this case its unlikely that the Department of Justice would pursue anything against the attorney general. Doug Collins accused chairman Jerry Nadler of abusing his power as chairman and said he is responsible Attorney General William Barr not showing today

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