Nadler may delay Mueller subpoenas so Barr can change his mind

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Jerrold Nadler hinted on Wednesday that he wont immediately issue a subpoena to force Attorney General William Barr to release the full Mueller report. In his opening statements at a hearing to discuss the subpoenas the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee noted that hes asked Barr to work with us but that he has so far refused. I will give him time to change his mind Nadler said. If we cannot reach an accommodation we will have no choice but to issue subpoenas for these materials. This committee has a job to do Nadler said. Far too much media time has been devoted to mulling whether former vice president Joe Biden is too old to run for president. Muellers team are concerned that because Mr. Barr created the first narrative of the special counsels findings Americans views will have hardened before the investigations conclusions become public. Barr only briefly cited the special counsels work in his letter. But the bottom line appears to be that this isnt necessarily the bottom line at least to some of the people who actually worked the Mueller investigation

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