New reporting suggests strain between Barr and Mueller team

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Which explains why Barr is once again issuing another letter to put some distance between himself and his own work. The new memo also contains a bizarre statement that Barr doesnt want the Mueller report to be released in serial or piecemeal fashion. Which might sound almost reasonable if it wasnt the excuse Barr is providing to the House and Senate for why he will not turn over the full report. The note concludes that Barr is continuing to redact the Mueller report so it can be released to Congress and the public. Which is a clear statement that Barr is not going to respond to congressional requests for the full report. And that he does not intend to release the full report to either Congress or the public. House Democrats on Wednesday approved subpoenas for Muellers entire report and any exhibits and other underlying evidence that the Justice Department might withhold. Barr said he was continuing to work with Muellers office on redactions to the report so that it could be released to Congress and the public

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