Pelosi on Barrs redactions from Mueller report Lets just see what he puts forth

mueller barr


In the age of Trump perhaps none has been so maddening as this. It isnt up to the attorney general who has said basically that the President is above the law. so hes there to redact whatever he wants Pelosi continued. Well lets just see what he puts forth. Asked if she accepts the findings so far that were outlined by Barr in a four page report. # p #6_8 # ad skipped = NULL #The Trump staffers worried that their unwillingness to perjure themselves might cost them their jobs dont exactly have nothing at all to worry about; we wont know for sure until the redacted report is released Waldman concluded. But they can at least take comfort in the knowledge that every attempt is being made to ensure that as little as possible of the damaging information in the Mueller report ever sees the light of day. # p #7_8 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #8_8 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #9_8 # ad skipped = NULL #

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