Redaction of Robert Muellers Report Halted as William Barr Passes Out from Sharpie Fumes

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s contacts with more than three dozen Russian individuals. The insentient Barr was rushed to Walter Reed medical center where a grim like. At the White House offered a more upbeat assessment. We expect Attorney General Barr to make a swift and full recovery she said. Barr filed a written statement Monday with the House Appropriations Committee ahead of his testimony Tuesday that focuses on the Justice Departments priorities for its $29. 2 billion request for fiscal 2020 and leaves out any mention of the Russia investigation. Of course Barr does not have to stick to his written statement Tuesday and could bring up the Russia investigation himself. One of the top medical schools in the United States is going tuition free. Lesley Stahl reports on how and why theyre doing it Going to medical school today takes more than ambition and an appetite for hard work

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