Sounds Like AG Barr Suppressed Report Summaries Muellers Team Prepared For Public

mueller barr


Barrs letter obliquely referenced evidence on both sides of the issue but did not explain it further. Muellers team wrote summaries of the findings and expected more of that to be used one of the sources said. But the reported discrepancies are exacerbating concerns about Barrs handling of the Mueller report among Democrats on Capitol Hill. I think that these questions just show again why we need the full Mueller report. with all the underlying documents released Nadler told CNN Thursday. An administration official expressed some frustration with Democratic demands to see as much of the Mueller report as possible. The Department of Justice released a statement Thursday morning slamming new reporting from the New York Times and Washington Post. House Democrats on Wednesday approved subpoenas for Muellers entire report and any exhibits and other underlying evidence that the Justice Department might withhold. The statement also said that every page of Muellers report was marked that it may contain grand jury material and therefore could not immediately be released. Barr said he was continuing to work with Muellers office on redactions to the report so that it could be released to Congress and the public

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