Ted Cruz Humiliates Dems Over Mueller Report Hearing Sparks Laughter From AG Barr

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Senator Patrick Leahy and Attorney General Bill Barr. Patrick Leahy of Vermont went after Attorney General William Barr with a vengeance during his Wednesday morning testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Mueller has disagreed with Barrs characterization of his report and Leahy addressed that disagreement when questioning Barr. Relying on experienced staff lawyers to question the witness and pursue lines of inquiry without arbitrary interruptions and time limits is a welcome improvement. Senators brought in outside lawyers who were put on display but procedurally stymied from doing their job. Its embarrassing that the most powerful lawyer in the executive branch is reluctant to be questioned by other well prepared and experienced lawyers. AllardBrooklynThe writer is a professor at Brooklyn Law School and its former president and dean. Ted Cruz unloaded on Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats so thoroughly during a hearing over William Barrs handling of Special Counsel Muellers report that it evoked a chuckle from the Attorney General. We heard very little of that in this hearing today Cruz told the committee. If thats their argument prompting Barr to chuckle

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