Mueller Report More Damning Than Watergate Report Says Nixon White House Counsel

mueller counsel


john dean said thursday that special counsel robert mueller robert swan muellersasse. I looked on my shelf for the Senate Watergate Committee report I looked at the Iran Contra report. The obstruction statute is an endeavor statute if you endeavor to obstruct youve violated the obstruction statute. Former President Richard Nixons White House Counsel The Daily Beast reports. According to Mueller Trump instructed aides to obstruct Muellers investigation but they refused to carry out his orders. But according to Richard Nixons White House Counsel John Dean the Mueller report is more damning that the Watergate report. In fact Special Counsel Robert Muellers final report is more damning than Ken Starrs report and the Iran Contra report. Donald Trump attempted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller after expressing fears the probe would end his presidency according to the newly released Mueller report. However while Mr Mueller found that the Trump campaign expected to benefit from Russias hacking he did not establish that the Trump campaign coordinated or conspired with the Russian government. trump attempted to fire muellerwhen mr trump learned of robert muellers appointment he told attorney general jeff sessions

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