Dershowitz Media Gets F Grade On Mueller Coverage CNN Chose To Trust Avenatti Over Me

mueller coverage


In an appearance on FNCs MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz Dershowitz said he would give the media an F grade for its coverage of the Mueller investigation and charges of conspiracy with Russia or obstruction of justice. do you know and i lay out what the law on obstruction is. Even with the grade inflation for the most part. the surprise is that not only did fox soundly beat msnbc but also the coverage from cbs and abc. CNN on Thursday staged a panel of NINE pundits on screen throughout its Mueller report coverage as well as having Wolf Blitzer and others anchoring from commercial breaks. On Sunday Conway said she thinks Mueller acted honorably but maintained that the hopes of congressional Democrats and Trumps media detractors are now dashed. Despite his liberal leanings and Democratic Party affiliation he has given the media the grade of F for their terribly biased coverage. Even with grade inflation Dershowitz said. As to the actual Mueller report Dershowitz said that the special counsel got the law completely wrong on obstruction of justice. And they never mentioned the Bush case in the Mueller report

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