Alan Dershowitz A prosecutors job is to make decisions Mueller didnt finish the job

mueller dershowitz


The Mueller Report is done and the President is riding high. meanwhile whove done the polar opposite of a stellar job. But Alan Dershowitz is calling it rightly. roseanne fingers the culprit and jordan peterson gets rejected. There is a difference between Special Counsel Mueller and ordinary prosecutors. Its easy for him to redact classified and privileged material from the Mueller report. All of this goes to show why the very institution of special counsel is so problematic. Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz said the media must apologize to all Americans following the release of special counsel Robert Muellers Russia report. I think a lot of apologies are due to the American public about being misled by many in the media who substituted wishful thinking for factual analysis Dershowitz said Monday on Fox & Friends. Thats not what media people want to hear he said

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