CNN just confirmed DOJ no further indictment recommendations from Mueller

mueller indictment


Dean was bullish on the idea of more criminal indictments coming before the investigation is wrapped up. Dean suggests that these rumors may be a propaganda tactic by the White House. I wonder if the White House is doing it trying to build up all this to make it appear the investigation is being dragged out. That notification indicates that Attorney General Barr will pursue as much transparency as possible. i have always believed it was important that mr. Mueller be allowed to do his job without interference and that has been accomplished. After reviewing Muellers report Barr will then send what he has described as his own report on the Mueller investigation to the top Democrats and Republicans on the House and Senate judiciary committees. The next steps are up to Attorney General Barr and we look forward to the process taking its course. Hakeem Jeffries noted during a recent House hearing. Page has never been charged with any crimes

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