Mueller completely dropped the ball with obstruction punt

mueller obstruction


The report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the Russia meddling probe proves that President Donald Trump couldnt be prosecuted for obstruction of justice a former independent counsel said Thursday. Whether or not Congress wants to look at it as part of a political impeachment thats something different. He reiterated that it would have been suicidal for the administration had Trump been allowed to be interviewed. attorney general barr presented a conclusion that the president did not obstruct justice while muellers report appears to undercut that finding they said. According to the report a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime. Muellers report also notes the complication that arises from a presidents broad constitutional authority to give orders to other government employees. I dont think the presidents broad authority complicates the task of determining whether Trump committed obstruction of justice. congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president page 220 of the mueller report. For example or preventing personal embarrassment. It also aligns with the Presidents constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws

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