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In the hours after the public release of the redacted report from special counsel Robert S. In considering whether the president may have committed obstruction of justice which we will summarize below. In analyzing this incident the Mueller report says that removing Comey would be an obstructive act if it interfered with or impeded the investigation. The Mueller report says theres some evidence Trump felt the investigation was hurting his ability to get things done particularly with Russia. Some of this section of the Mueller report is redacted due to an ongoing matter. furthermore muellers report claimed that trumps tweets criticizing the justice department and muellers investigation. This list of potential obstruction charges proves Muellers investigation was a total farce and an attempted coup the coup that failed. WASHINGTON A detailed report from special counsel Robert Mueller said investigators struggled with both the legal implications of investigating President Donald Trump for possible obstruction of justice from seeking the ouster of officials to ordering a memo that would clear his name. mueller reports avalanche of facts on trump obstruction 03. Mueller passed the obstruction question to the Congress and Barr intercepted the pass and tried to take it over himself King said in an appearance on CNNs New Day

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