Sen Rand Paul Is Willing to Withhold Mueller Report as Political Leverage Hit Run Reasoncom

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wants to put conditions on government transparency when it comes to the full russia investigation report from special counsel robert mueller. So its disturbing here that Paul wants to tie transparency on one to the other which actually escalates the politicization of the entire process and possibly makes it less likely we see either. But tying the release of the Mueller report with release of information about the lead up to the investigation is politicizing transparency itself. This is obviously an attempt at some political leverage here transparent government in order to curry favor from the president. Paul should keep pushing for more information from the FISA Court if anything. According to Muellers indictment of Stone Bianca. Credico now has an unlikely walk profile federal investigations in history. Paul had previously warned that he would block the resolution unless information about the opposition research dossier compiled against then candidate Trump was also released. I dont care whether its a Democrat president or a Republican president Paul said from the Senate floor on Thursday. Even though Congressional Republicans investigated the investigators and obstructed Robert Muellers investigation Sen

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