Redacted Version Of Muellers Russia Report To Be Released April 18

mueller russia


ESTThe Justice Department says it plans to release special counsel Robert Muellers report on Thursday morning. Trumps opponents say they cant be sure what to make of Muellers findings until they see the findings firsthand. Barr told members of Congress that he has been working with the special counsels office to redact four kinds of information. Barr told members of Congress that another report is coming out this summer that could provide some answers about that question. Will Muellers report uncover any other types of interference that havent yet been made public?. the justice department expects to make a redacted version of special counsel robert muellers report on the russia investigation public thursday morning a spokeswoman said monday. In his letter Barr noted that Muellers team did not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice. Trump and his allies are also attacking the origins of the Russia investigation portraying it as an effort by Democrats and career officials in the Justice Department who wanted to bring down a president. Critics of the Russia investigation have seized on the fact that the warrant application cited Democratic funded opposition research into the Trump campaigns ties to Russia. He is the attorney general of the United States Pelosi said

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