House Judiciary plans vote this week to subpoena Muellers report John WagnerWashington Post

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I was at an industry conference comprised of my female peerswhat would be my last time there as I had announced my intent to start my own companywhen a friend ran up to me joyously stating she had seen me. House Democrats plan to subpoena the document on Wednesday. Judiciary Committee Democrats announced plans for the move on Monday. Barr has pledged to turn over an edited version of the report by mid page documents immediate fate. Barr insists the report must be scrubbed of intelligence data grand jury testimony and other sensitive information. House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold NadlerThe House Judiciary Committee is planning to vote on Wednesday to authorize subpoenas to obtain the full Mueller Report as well as testimony from Trump aides Don McGahn and Reince Priebus. Under the proposal which may depend on the level of cooperation and transparency Democrats get from the Justice Department. House Democrats on Monday announced that they plan to issue subpoenas for Robert Muellers full and complete report its underlying evidence and related matters if Attorney General William Barr does not provide them by Tuesdays deadline. As I have made clear Nadler said in a statement. In his letter Barr specifically quotes Mueller as saying the report does not exonerate him on the matter of obstruction

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