Subpoena Isnt the Only Way to Get the Mueller Report Vicki DivollNew York Times

mueller subpoena


The 24 authorized the panels chairman to subpoena Muellers material. The measure also authorized Nadler to subpoena documents and testimony from five former Trump aides including former political advisor Steve Bannon and former White House Counsel Donald McGahn. And he hasnt even been formally nominated to the Federal Reserve yet. The Judiciary Committee authorized Nadler last week to issue a subpoena for the full Mueller report and all of its accompanying materials. Nadler pointed to that aspect of the ruling in arguing that Congress still had a path to accessing Muellers files. Pelosi on Tuesday afternoon said she deferred to Nadler and other congressional committees in terms of the timing of a subpoena for the Mueller report. well take them to court if no mueller report subpoena compliance 08. joins mtp daily to discuss ag william barrs testimony and what democrats plan to do to get the full unredacted mueller report

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