Developing House Democrats In Direct Talks With Mueller About His Testimony Dems Eye May 15 Hearing

mueller testimony


It is not clear from this hearing how Mueller thought the question of whether there was sufficient evidence of obstruction by Trump would ultimately be resolved. Barr corrected one of the senators He didnt say he was leaving it to me. trying to firm up mueller testimony 05. it was attorney general william barrs testimony but robert muellers words stole the show. Some key takeaways from Muellers letter and Barrs testimony. Days after receiving the 448 page letter laying out the reports principal conclusions. Barr described Muellers letter as a bit snitty saying he slowed down its public release. On Wednesday Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee challenged Barr to explain how he could say that after receiving Muellers letter. Margaret Carlson BEAST INSIDE Beto ORourke has flamed out. Attorney General William Barr faced some tough questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee about Robert Muellers report on Russian meddling

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