Andrea Mitchell Whines That Trump Got Head Start On Branding Mueller Report

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While promoting planned House Democratic hearings on the Mueller report MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell complained that President Trump had three weeks head start when it came to branding this as case closed. She advised Democrats that it would be up to them to keep pushing the case against Trump. The whole question about the Mueller report and whether or not its closed. the President has certainly had three weeks head start Mitchell lamented. its going to be very hard trying to get this out. They really are going to be on the defensive and I dont know how they can get ahead of it. This is what happens when the media root for an outcome and end up disappointed. He said in a speech last week that he would leave his Justice Department post in May but did not reveal a specific date then. Rosensteins announcement comes two weeks after the release to Congress and the public of a redacted version of Muellers final report by Attorney General William Barr. Attorney and as Deputy Attorney General

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