Chelsea Handler I Had a Midlife Identity Crisis When Trump Won Declares Love for Mueller

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Barr said he had concluded there was not enough evidence to show that Trump committed the crime of obstruction. asked in an interview with fox and friends weekend about calls for the release of the full confidential report trump said. In another tweet Trump called the report a total waste of time. President Donald Trump arrives in Las Vegas U. Fridays edition of Real Time With Bill Maher contained the usual amount of anti Trump venom one would expect from the HBO program. As if that was not enough anti Trump commentary Maher brought on comedian Chelsea Handler; who talked about howI had a midlife identity crisis once Trump won the election because I had never had my world feel sofeel so unhinged I think. Handler then compared the election of President Trump to the death of her brother when she was nine years old; mentioning that she felt a huge emotional trigger of everything being destabilized in both cases. Handlers Trump Derangement Syndrome continued to show in Overtime. when maher asked her after the last couple of weeks weve had are you still attracted to robert mueller? she responded in the affirmative. In the letter to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig Massachusetts Rep

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