De Niro Returns To SNL As Mueller Lies About Trump Instantly Gets Destroyed

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the public is still in a wait see view of this investigation and what it means for trump. The House Judiciary Committee will vote to subpoena the full Mueller report if the Department of Justice doesnt provide it by Tuesday. Meanwhile President Trump is threatening to close the border and stop aid to Central American countries. And Joe Biden has taken center stage in a conversation about sexual harassment. here & nows jeremy hobson talks with npr national political correspondent mara liasson. Robert De Niro was back on Saturday Night Live playing the role of Robert Mueller once again. There is no doubt Robert De Niro was in meltdown mode after the four page summary of the Mueller report came out. Immediately Americans let Bobby De Niro know his days playing Robert Mueller are as dead as the real Mueller report. Saturday Night Live is one of those shows which the Democrats count on to keep their voters from straying. Donald Trump basically called the vast majority of Americans crazed Monday when he applied the term to Democrats for pursuing a vote to subpoena Robert Muellers full Russia report from Attorney General William Barr

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