Giuliani Mueller May Have Tried To Frame President Trump

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President Donald Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani accused special counsel Robert Mueller of doing some pretty outrageous things during his investigation into Russian collusion and President Donald Trump. did act as somewhat of a conscience for an operation muellers operation that had no conscience giuliani said. Because they thought they could do anything in order to either get President Trump or maybe even to frame him. Read moreEvelyn Farkus has now admitted that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. Sally Yates said that if Trump were not president he would likely be indicted for obstructing justice in Muellers investigation. Thats why its nice to have an actual expert opining on the legal ramifications. Yates told Mitchell that shes successfully prosecuted obstruction cases with much less evidence. well the report makes it clear that there was no exoneration on obstruction. do you think that there would have been an indictment? yates. do you think that there would have been an indictment? yates

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