Ken Starr on Obstruction Trump Never Interfered with Mueller

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Which is why the most important result of the Mueller report may be to politically inoculate Trump against the many probes still looming. When asked about the Russia investigation Democrats typically said they would reserve judgment until Mueller completed his work. The fog of the Mueller report transcended pure partisanship. Strikingly none of the focus group participants expected the Mueller report to be a game changer. Trump campaign officials believe the end of the investigation creates an opening with independent voters. The Mueller investigation was all about Russian collusion stated Starr. Whatever personnel you need youre going to have it. Starr added is virtually conclusive on obstruction. How can the president have obstructed an investigation that was never interfered with and was elaborately financed?. Maybe the most noteworthy thing about Chasten Buttigiegs sudden internet fame is that he has a public profile at all

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