Matt Gaetz Was Trumps Cheerleader During The Mueller Probe So Now What Does He Do

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And we think that theres a test here of the law House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal told reporters. But Neal said the Mueller reports findings do not affect his plan to seek Trumps taxes. That could make Trumps tax returns even more important to Democrats. Republicans warn that seeking Trumps tax returns would turn confidential U. Gaetz which he was convinced would come. And in recent weeks Gaetz has done a handful of interviews about climate change legislation something he thinks more Republicans should be worrying about. In the last year Justice Department prosecutors have pressured the Russian outlets RT and Sputnik and the Chinese broadcaster CGTN to register. In his investigation of foreign influence in US politics Mueller has demonstrated that FARA can be a powerful tool in the hands of an aggressive prosecutor. And in investigating the political operatives around Trumps campaign he appears to have simply ripped up the cautious approach that had previously controlled Justice Department thinking in prosecuting such cases. Craig later delivered the report to Sanger and provided the reporter with a quote for his article on the report

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