Muellers Ghost Is Still Haunting Trumpworld

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Trump is expected to continue to push that theme at his political rallies Michigan. Theyve made Donald Trump look like the victim here because he has been White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told reporters on Monday. It went very high up but with instructions from the high up. Andrew Napolitano a detail previously unknown and yet to be confirmed by the Department of Justice. Mr Trump and his allies are also using Mr Barrs summary to double down on their attacks against mainstream media outlets who reported on Mr Muellers investigation. Special counsel Robert Muellers investigation is complete and his staff is beginning to close up shop. jussie smollett case underscores why many dont report violence against them. Mueller delivered his report this is far from over. Tesla DominicoIm pretty sure the American people arent voting for Donald Trump because he didnt commit this particular crime. Famj JensenThe Democrats will parse the report to find anything to use against President Trump

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