Mueller Report Shows Potential For Trump To Be Indicted After Presidential Term Says Preet Bharara

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attorney says Trump can be prosecuted after he leaves office. Attorney Preet Bharara says the Mueller report has opened the possibility for prosecutors to indict Donald Trump once his term in the White House ends according to The Hill. Legal experts and the American people on both sides of the aisle have waited for the Mueller report with bated breath. But Preet Bharara told CNNs State of the Union that the Mueller report shows theres potential for President Trump to be prosecuted after he leaves office. Theres a pattern that Donald Trump has followed many times when accused of wrongdoing. Then insist that there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. protecting michael flynn from indictment then cover those attempts up. Mueller Report Could Impact Trumps Business Empire Down The Road The report left behind tantalizing clues. team highlight some of the items that may have been overlooked. As we collectively devour the Mueller Report there are two gigantic questions surrounding the entire Russiagate saga that transcend the deeply problematic behavior of Donald Trump and his campaign

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