Pelosi accuses Barr of single minded effort to protect Trump against Mueller report

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The report also deals with whether President Donald Trump later tried to obstruct Muellers investigation. While Trump has maintained Muellers report is a complete and total exoneration it is expected to include politically damaging disclosures. But Muellers forthcoming report on that probe still has one of the presidents top outside allies vexed and worried. John Dowd told The Daily Beast he believes the report may cause trouble for Trump. The report but likely with heavy redactions. The staffer told The Daily Beast that their office has its fridges stocked with Red Bull for a marathon speed reading session. According to a report in The New York Times on Wednesday because the White House and DOJ have already had numerous conversations on Muellers conclusions. As a result the presidents legal team has been able to get out in front of the Mueller report and craft a rebuttal. the latest reporting that barrs justice department has been briefing the white house on the mueller report in advance of its release only confirms what weve already known. ag barr has thrown out his credibility & the dojs independence with his single minded effort to protect

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