President Trump still facing swirl of investigations even after Robert Mueller s probe has ended

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The current reading comes at the end of tax return season and while official Washington eagerly awaits the Mueller report. Giuliani said it would be dozens of pages long but did not detail what the counter report would focus on. the associated pressmore about investigations of president donald trump. As Washington waits for special counsel Robert Muellers redacted report President Trump had just one event on his public schedule. The Justice Department says Attorney General William Barr will release his report Thursday morning at some point. The presidents lawyers have prepared a rebuttal to the Mueller report in an effort to defend the president. According to Barrs summary Muellers report noted the investigation does not exonerate the president. I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal spying did occur. Were happy to have it out and who recently announced that they were having a second child. ing and tweeting are his methods of blowing off steam in advance of the upcoming mueller report which is due on thursday

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