Sally Yates calls Mueller the inverse of Trump

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A number of White House staffers went in and gave voluntary interviews they turned over documents voluntarily. # p #3_6 # ad skipped = NULL #If the president is mad now he continued. # p #4_6 # ad skipped = NULL #It raises the question that what the president really expected them to do was go in he repeated. Obviously thats an untenable position for a White House staffer that wants to have a career and wants to not go to jail at the end of this investigation. # p #6_6 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #7_6 # ad skipped = NULL #. It remains to be seen whether Mueller will be asked to testify publicly on the report amid calls from lawmakers to summon the special counsel to Capitol Hill. The special counsel has at times taken incoming fire from both sides of the aisle Yates said. The reason he thinks this is because of the potential biases of the staff Robert Mueller hired to work on the investigation. The same Ken Starr who filled out his own staff with Republican Party loyalists. Perhaps Starr thinks Mueller should have hired Federalist Society members as he did in the Clinton era

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