Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah puzzle out Trumps post Mueller strategy of turning cartoon villain

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DRIVING THE DAY THE WHATS ON PRESIDENCY. OVER THE LAST WEEK as such massively stupid political blunders. President Trump has been living it up since the Barr report on the Mueller report totally cleared him of half the charges Stephen Colbert said on Wednesdays Late Show. take away everyones health care because trump is trying to kill obamacare again. In the midterms he got his ass kicked because health care was the top issue for voters. trump also wants to end aid to hurricane ravaged puerto rico. Zeroing out Special Olympics funding just sounds mean right?. Back at the White House staff crowded into press secretary Sarah Sanders office to toast the result with a bottle of sparkling wine. The fog of the Mueller report transcended pure partisanship. Strikingly none of the focus group participants expected the Mueller report to be a game changer

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