Stirewalt Trump friends not phased by Mueller release he didnt exactly run as Pope Francis in 2016

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ap claims trump made you numb to mueller reportrush. This story actually claims that it was Trumps strategy to make you numb to the Mueller report. Had there been no Mueller report Trump wouldnt have been calling anything a witch hunt. For two years Russians! There werent any Russians. And would the American people countenance an impeachment. House Democrats backed off the idea of immediately launching impeachment proceedings against Trump in a conference call Monday evening presidential contenders and committee chairs on the issue. Doing this in the middle of a campaign would put the whole process on steroids. The leadership is very worried about just the unpredictable aspect of that. 39% of voters approve of the job trump is doing as president down from 44% last week. PITTSBURGHRemember going to a Miners for Trump rally in downtown Pittsburgh you were fooled by a Russian fake

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