Trumps mental incapacity more obvious than ever post Mueller Yale psychiatrist

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Now that Special Counsel Robert Muellers investigation is over were beginning to learn a bit of what went on behind the scenes. That lawyer and he had plenty to say in an appearance on The Byron York Show. Mueller understood that Trump had to act tough publiclyDowd confirmed that the Donald Trump the public saw was not the same as the Trump who dealt with Muellers investigation. Dowd said he discussed Trumps behavior with Mueller himself while the media was constantly attacking him. Apparently Mr Mueller got a boost from AG Barrs report. Confidence in Muellers Investigation Soars After Barr Letterwww. These polls reveal a dramatic increase in confidence in Muellers investigation driven almost entirely by a complete reversal in Republican respondents opinions of Mueller and the investigation. But equally dramatic are results that show the public believes additional investigation is needed or remains unsure of whether it is

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