Trump Claims People Closest To Him Werent Tapped By Mueller To Testify

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election revealed staff and associates sometimes ignored requests from Trump to deliver messages to third parties including one to fire Mueller. Nobody disobeys me Republican Trump said when asked if he was worried about his orders not being followed. He made the remark at the White House during an annual Easter celebration. Senator Elizabeth Warren on Friday said Congress should begin the process of removing Trump from office. Trump returned to favorite topics of his by touting the strong United States economy and saying his administration was rebuilding the military to a level never seen before. Another key cooperating witness for the Russia probe was former White House counsel Don McGahn according to Muellers report. Muellers report also said that Donald Trump Jr. This material may not be published rewritten or redistributed. trump repeats a baseless charge that mueller is a highly conflicted prosecutor something that trumps own aides have debunked. the mueller report should not have been authorized in the first place

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