Trump laces into ex advisers who spoke with Mueller

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President Trump on Sunday continued to wage an attack against special counsel Robert Mueller The Hill reports. the trump haters and angry democrats who wrote the mueller report were devastated by the no collusion finding. Nothing but a total hit job which should never have been allowed to start in the first place!. I do not remember having been asked to attend the World Chess Championship gala Trump told Mueller. its a standard procedure for the world chess championship to invite the head of state where the world chess championship is held. Rudy Giuliani said Trump would not have been guilty of obstructing justice even if he had fired special counsel Robert Mueller because some of the investigators were questionable. Mueller hired a staff in which he had people that I would find very something that would give you a good faith reason to fire Mueller. Giulianis comments echo the presidents tweet sent Saturday that once against accused some on Muellers team of being Trump Haters

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