Trump Mueller report Breakdown level anxiety among White House aides concerned release will out them to president

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Mr Trump on Wednesday doubled down on this claims wrongly claiming the Russia probe was initiated by dirty cops and Hillary Clinton. Mr Mueller has a pristine reputation in Washington where he was previously in charge of the FBI. Mr Comey was fired by the president after Mr Trump reportedly asked him to drop his own Russia investigation. Muellers report will be released on Thursday according to the Justice Department. The current reading comes at the end of tax return season and while official Washington eagerly awaits the Mueller report. Neither subject is particularly good for Trump in a statement. an msnbc host questioned whether president donald trump and his white house are really prepared to issue a rebuttal report after special counsel robert muellers report goes public. # p #4_8 # ad skipped = NULL #Do they even have one is the question Vossoughian replied. # p #5_8 # ad skipped = NULL #Lee added that the White House is still figuring out how dramatic to be during their pushback to Muellers report. As President Donald Trump counts down the minutes until the Mueller report is released tweeting along with interviews and breaking stories alike

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