Trump Putin Discuss Nuclear Accord Venezuela Mueller Report Says White House

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Spoke for a little over an hour White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters at the White House. Sanders also said they discussed trade and how it has increased between the two countries since Trump has come into office. They also talked about Ukraine and North Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un traveled to Russia last week to meet with Putin. President Donald Trump talked on the telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin for more than one hour on May 3 the White House said. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters that Trump and Putin discussed a potential new multilateral atomic treaty between the United States or the extension of the current U. President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke for more than an hour Friday morning very briefly in that conversation. The conversation on that part was very quick Sanders told reporters of the discussion between the two leaders on Mueller. Trump and Putin discussed the Mueller report briefly in light of the completion of the investigation. Trump eventually had to clarify that he did indeed agree with his intelligence communitys assessment that Russia intervened but Trump critics insist he hasnt been forceful enough on the topic

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