Trump says Mueller probe was an attempted takeover of our government

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It is worth rejoicing at Robert Muellers exoneration of the president even if you do not like Donald Trump. This sounds an odd thing to say since democracies depend upon the rule of law. The trouble is that the rule of law quickly gets hijacked when one political grouping tries to arraign another. As a result of Mueller and Donald Trump is more secure than if the investigation had never started. Former FBI Director James Comey said the principal findings of the probe show President Donald Trumps blistering criticism of the FBI were lies and his attempt to destroy the agency had failed. Comey but an honest group of people trying to find out what is true. Melber breaks down the legal mechanisms to assess what Mueller found and how the fact of no chargeable collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia does not undercut the extensive work done he did in busting the crime spree by Trump advisors. Barrs memo said Mueller did not establish that Trumps campaign or associates conspired with Russia. Muellers investigation of whether the President committed obstruction of justice did not conclude Trump committed a crime Barr quoted from Muellers report. This was an attempted takeover of our government Trump said

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