Trump Team Now Has Significant Concern About Mueller Report After AG Barr Briefed White House ABC Reports

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As Washington eagerly awaits the release of special counsel Robert Muellers report President Trumps team of lawyers is working feverishly to complete a counter report to what Muellers redacted report might contain. Since Mueller didnt exonerate Trump on obstruction claims a point that Trumps team will actively dispute in the counter report. How much of that report will be redacted remains a large question looming over Washington. Barr and Muellers team have been working to redact certain information from the lengthy report. But according to Karl the Trump aides are especially worried about what might have been said to Mueller by Trumps former White House Counsel Don McGahn. Former White House Counsel Don McGahn spoke to Muellers investiagtors for more than 30 hours. What worries them most is what Don McGahn told the special counsel. But he likely discussed Trumps attempts to fire Mueller Karl reported. The president clearly feels vindicated now that the Mueller report is completed who recently taped a radio interview with Mr. No amount of spin by the opponents is going to change that

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