Trump Tears into Unhinged Democratic Party over Mueller Report Aftermath

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he ought to live up to what he said earlier said house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. says then you would think he would urge its full release. Trump has trained his ire on Schiff in particular in recent days with his campaign even going so far as to launch a line of Pencil shirts. Since the publication of his attorney generals short report on the outcome of the Mueller investigation Donald Trump has looked like a president unleashed. Far from Trump emerging into a new phase of his presidency with the release of the Barr report he has in fact lapsed into this age old pattern. Before we can move on from the Mueller report which is so uniquely Trumpian. Since the release of the Barr report Trump has attempted to change the topic in two ways. had demanded that Barr hand over the full and complete report by Tuesday. Barr also said that the special counsel did not establish collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. In an Oval Office interview Tuesday Trump called Nadlers and his fellow Democrats demand for the release of the un redacted Mueller report and its underlying evidence ridiculous

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