Trumpworld Gloats About Mueller The Fat Lady Has Sung

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trumpworld spent sunday doing the unthinkable. while top party leaders on capitol hill questioned barrs independence from trump house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler. On Capitol Hill Republicans hustled to frame Barrs summary of Muellers report as definitive proof that Democrats need to give up Russia related investigations of the president. They believe his findings are essential to advance their investigations of the president. mueller report finds no trump russia conspiracy. No matter your ideologies or your loyalties this is a good day for America. Special Counsel Robert Muellers nearly two page summary released Sunday by Attorney General William Barr. the special counsel did not find that the trump campaign despite multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals to assist the trump campaign. Muellers probe of whether Trump obstructed justice did not conclude he committed a crime Barr quoted from the report. In terms of political payback the people that Ive talked to in the White House over the last 24 hours talk about what this means for 2020 and where we go from here

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