Tulsi Gabbard says its a good thing Trump wasnt booked by Mueller

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Distinguishing herself in a crowded field of Democrats running for president Rep. Like her rivals Gabbard said she would like the public to see special counsels findings. The American people need to be able to see Muellers report but she emphasized that we should all be relieved Mueller did not recommend charging Trump with a criminal offense. President Donald Trump on Friday continued with his claims of vindication by special counsel Robert Mueller. so ridiculous to even say!robert mueller was a hero to the radical left democrats until he ruled that there was no collusion with russia. Back at the White House staff crowded into press secretary Sarah Sanders office to toast the result with a bottle of sparkling wine. The fog of the Mueller report transcended pure partisanship. Strikingly none of the focus group participants expected the Mueller report to be a game changer. Yet the White House knows theres little chance of major bipartisan legislation getting through

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