Twitter Users Nail Trump For Lying That No One Close To Him Spoke To Mueller

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Donald Trumps approval rating has fallen to a dismal 37% following the release of the heavily redacted Mueller Report. His actions and words dont coalesce and the American public completely understands that. but dammit hes hit it now because the american public doesnt believe anything hes saying about the muller report. Donald Trump jr and Jared Cushner went to that Trump tower meeting with the intent of colluding. The Mueller report reveals a split recollection between Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and a top intel official who says the president wanted Coats to do something to stop the Russia investigation. director of national intelligence testified he never felt pressure to intervene in the russia probe. He said Trump asked him to help with the investigation. messing up his ability to get things done with russia provided public testimony that backed up trump. Coats said Trump brought up the Russia investigation several times. Isnt it amazing that the people who were closest to me were never even called to testify before Mueller

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