WaPo Congressional Dems Will Demand Trump Admin Preserve Mueller Docs

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Instead the former FBI director wants the president to suffer a resounding loss at the ballot box in 2020. For impeachment proceedings to succeed they would also need a two thirds majority in the Republican led US Senate. As Washington waited in collective anticipation on Friday for the expected imminent transfer of special counsel Robert Muellers report to the Department of Justice President Donald Trump also said he was in the dark about the timing. I have no idea about the Mueller report where he was scheduled to meet with Caribbean leaders at his Mar Lago property this afternoon. The president expressed openness earlier this week to the reports public release but has also said that ultimate authority regarding to the reports dissemination rest with his newly installed Attorney General William Barr. In an interview with Fox Business Maria Bartiromo that aired Friday that his fighting back should not be considered obstruction. For two years weve gone through this nonsense Trump said. Trump repeated a political argument that he made on Wednesday had no basis to issue a report judging him because neither had received a single vote compared to the millions who had given him his election victory. The Trump 2020 campaign was also preparing aggressive responses. We are prepared and we expect the report will find no collusion as the president has said from day one a senior campaign official said

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