Ask A Music Critic Which Artist Or Band Has The Worst Fans

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As a person who writes about music and pop culture for a living I have a skewed perspective on this. Jam partisans are in many ways the best music fans out there they listen with rapt attention and often after traveling long distances to a concert. the beyhive is also the mafia of music fanbases. Founder and host of the podcast This Nashville Life which explores the world of the country music industry. Jeffrey Brown reports on how some female artists and industry experts there are banding together to build a community and raise the profile of women in country music. Apple Music has announced that its analytics platform for musicians is out of beta and available for all. Apple Music for Artists is now available both on a web dashboard and on a new standalone iOS app for the iPhone. Its a massive extension that will let artists view their stats anywhere on the fly. Apple Music for Artists is now available for every artist on Apple Music

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