Michael Jacksons Music Video Producer I Believe Accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck Are Telling the Truth

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He put the 4 old on a hot stovetop barefoot Dolezal told Johnson. The operations took away so much cartilage that Jackson had to wear a prosthetic nose which took hours to put on with putty and makeup he says. The procedure was so time consuming that Jackson would only put on the nose on days when he was performing. Rudi Dolezal I believe almost every word. Dolezal said he could understand why the two men in the documentary who accused Jackson of molesting them had previously denied any such molestation occurred. He called Jackson a predator the person responsible is Michael Jackson no one else. Safechuck was nine years old when he worked with Jackson on a Pepsi commercial prompting trips around the world with Jackson. Safechuck stated He said I am going to purchase this house. Whether or not people stop listening to Jacksons music is not really a concern for him Robson told TMZ on Tuesday. The BBC made a statement that it would not be banning Jackson from its broadcast after reports surfaced that it would be

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