Myspace Lost A Lot Of Music And With It Hip Hop Lost A Huge Chunk Of Its History

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Weve called them Soundcloud rappers crediting them with bypassing the usual conventions of the recording industry and all its trappings. The thing is contrarian punk rap had been unseen. Soundcloud rappers like the Juice WRLD struggling to maintain its relevance even today. Myspace was like the precursor to Soundcloud and even one of raps biggest careers. Unfortunately its hard to stay relevant when you lose over 50 million songs in an ill fated server migration geared toward the effort to do so. Credited with helping launch the careers of artists including Kate Nash and Arctic Monkeys MySpace failed to keep pace with other music sharing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The major labels hoped MySpace Music would increase their revenue from streaming fees. MySpace executives acknowledged that the rollout and development of MySpace Music was unorganized and made it unnecessarily difficult to access and use. Ironically MySpace Music was crushed by other online music services that also were backed by the major record labels

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