4 Reasons Why Elon Musk Says Next Spacex Launch Is Most Difficult Ever

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Musk has four good reasons to believe that this will prove a major test for SpaceX. It Will Reuse Side BoostersThis will be the first Falcon Heavy mission to reuse boosters those from the Arabsat 6A mission. Its for the Department of DefenseThis will be the first Falcon Heavy mission for the Department of Defense a key client for SpaceX. The comments could be seen as a veiled jab of fellow tech tycoon Elon Musk whose company SpaceXs stated ambition is to get to Mars. Jeff Bezos said trying to get to Mars before going back to the moon is an illusion. elon musk and jeff bezos are in an epic years long feud over space travel. Musk hit back by comparing Bezos lunar lander to male genitals. Recently a Tesla Model 3 driver claimed that the EVs instant torque and seamless acceleration actually saved him from what could have been a disastrous accident. Konkas Tesla Model 3 reacted immediately and avoided the incoming car before accelerating automatically to safety. This option will be made available to Tesla car owners who also want to earn from owning an EV

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