Computers That Connect To Human Brains Coming Soon Says Elon Musk

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Tech guru Elon Musk hinted that computers with the ability to connect with human brains will be coming soon. For example it could hold promise for curing conditions such as dementia and paralysis. But those fears do not appear to be stopping Musk. Elon Musk convened Teslas investors on Monday to reveal the fruits of the companys research into autonomous driving. Musk detailed a new autonomous driving timeline in an investor event devoted to autonomy. This is actually only a minor departure from Musks latest autonomous driving timeline. You can take a closer look at the Musks autonomous driving timeline and how its evolved over the years in our helpful compendium below. Tesla has missed some of Elon Musks autonomous driving timelines in the past. Its another aggressive prediction from Musk about Teslas technology. His company has missed a previous self imposed deadline for having an autonomous Tesla drive across the country

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